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For visitors to this (new) blog who may have wondered why there hasn’t been any new content for a while, the reason is due to some major brewery upgrades. Over the last several (six) months we’ve been selling off my old home brewing equipment to raise cash for a new, fully electric HERMS brewery. There is a rather comprehensive write-up on HERMS brewing here. But for those who want the abridged version, you basically recirculate your mash through a coil immersed in hot water. The hot water provides a temperature-stable, non-scortching heat source for the mash and the recirculation does a great job of really squeezing out every last bit of sugar from your grains while dishing out some amazingly clear wort.

For the brewery, we went with Spike Brewing out of Milwaukee, WI. Their turn-key 10-gallon Spike System really hit all the checkboxes for us. It is currently being fabricated and is set to arrive in the next few weeks.

We’ve also been busy on the cold-side of the brewery. In order to keep up with our homebrew demands and keep our six-tap keezer full we needed another fermenter. We acquired a 7 gallon Ssbrewtech Brewmaster Edition chronical so we’ve doubled our fermentation capacity. Along with the second chronical we also picked up their 3 gallon glycol chiller to regulate temperatures in both the fermentors. Here’s a quick photo of the stand we put together today to get everything off the ground:

Fermentation Station
The Fermentation Station

Anyway, we’ve got a lot of brewing to do so expect to see some more content published very soon. Cheers!

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